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Mon, May. 24th, 2004, 12:52 am
long time no see

bother, work is keeping me too busy to update. I am either away from a computer for days, or I spend all my time working on it and thus have very little enthusiasm to stare at it any longer than I have to. Don't even feel like playing Wizzball then, which usually can hold me quite transfixed. The difficult levels are quite fascinating, need a lot of imagination, those. Plus: They blocked LJ from work, so I cannot read my friends list or the groups I am a member of from there anymore. And I am not home a lot. And when I am I do not necessarily switch on my computer. So there go my regular updates. Anyway, life is good, if busy - I feel like progress is being made at work, we're finally getting somewhere. Not always using the methods I would choose, mind. Think people see me as difficult and stubborn, most of the time. Wonder if they are right?